Why Join Us?

At Galvani, we believe bioelectronics have the potential to change the face of medical science forever… and our ambition is to take the lead. We are developing the expertise to place tiny devices inside the human body. These will be programmed to read and modify electrical signals passing along nerves in the body, to restore health.

To realise this step change, we challenge our people to think the extraordinary, to be brave, and to forge unlikely alliances and partnerships. We embrace radical new thinking and believe that through this, we can shape the future of medical science. 

How to Apply

With our goal of shaping the future of medical science, we need the best people. Galvani is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. We are continuously publishing new permanent roles (careers) and intern opportunities (intern).

If you can’t find a match and you are top talent, please contact us using: info@galvani.bio.