Daniel Chew

Director, Neural Interfaces and In Vivo Science, Neuromodulation Devices

Daniel leads the neural Interfacing development, and in vivo delivery efforts, at the Stevenage site in the UK, and directs the laboratory work conducted there. The Galvani Bioelectronics laboratory, drives early stage feasibility studies of autonomic nervous system neuromodulation, across a pipeline of disease indications. Work centres around exploring the fundamentals of nerve physiology, and optimising ways to interact with the disparate anatomy. This involves the pursuit of ex vivo and in vivo electrophysiology methods, while driving the process of development of mechanically and electrically compliant neural interfaces for patients.

Daniel’s team manages a portfolio of external academic and industrial collaborations focused on driving research into novel and future interface architectures, materials, and therapeutic modalities. Our team collaborates extensively with our worldwide academic consortium; to develop, assist, and enable surgical and electrophysiological technical development and talent expansion.

Daniel is a PhD graduate of the University of London, Queen Mary (PhD - 2009), and the University of Cambridge (Post Doctorate - 2009-2014). Work from his academic career was focused on understanding the dynamics of the peripheral nervous system, developing pre-clinical in vivo neurosurgical models, and novel neuroprosthetic design and application, which is described in over thirty publications.